*fahrstil – cycle culture magazine

*fahrstil translates to riding style – which puts it in a nutshell: it´s what unites us all. Whatever you ride, wherever you go, whenever you´re on two wheels, it all adds up to your riding style.

fahrstil is the leading German quarterly for bicycle culture. Founded in 2010 by ardent road racing, mountain climbing, downhill plunging, urban commuting cyclists, fahrstil is an award-winning platform of passion for the most beautiful machine man has ever invented: the bicycle. After 20 issues in German it is time to take fahrstil to the next level. We want to share our magazine with cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. Therefore we decided to make fahrstil international and fully digital available in English.

We´re planning to release the first English issue of fahrstil in August 2016.


Our Vision.

"Let´s make fahrstil a global hub for a world wide community of cycling enthusiasts!"

Take a look.



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